March 7, 2016

Chelsea Vs Manchester City

There are football matches and there moments that change the course of history. When two forces collide in the ultimate battle for supremacy, with each fearful but determined to rise above all others and be crowned as champions of their craft. To slay the enemy in front of thousands upon thousands of adoring fans or travelling in to hostile territory to slay the dragon. This is real football. These are the days that truly change the world. This is top of the table Chelsea Vs second placed Manchester City.

February 14, 2015

sportsbetting FA Cup Betting

It’s FA Cup weekend again in England with a number of matches that have the potential to throw up a surprise. Many people were beginning to think that the magic

January 28, 2015

Asian Cup Final

Australia have done it. They have reached the final of the Asian Cup after a 2-0 win over the United Arab Emirates thanks to early goals from Trent Sainsbury and Jason Davidson. It is the second time the Socceroos have graced the competitions show piece after losing out to Japan four years ago but on home soil you would have to say that we are hot hot favourites to take out our first major title.

January 23, 2015

Possible Shocks In This Weekends FA Cup

It’s FA Cup fourth round weekend in England which means the big boys of the English Premier League get to pit their wits and financial muscle against the small fry of lower league football.

The history of this prestigious competition is littered with giant killings, tales of David over coming Goliath on uneven bogs marked up as football pitches while sleet snow and hail batter the combatants. Unfortunately, with the rise of the EPL and the money now being thrown about by the big boys these fables are now becoming few and far between it’s been a long time since Wrexham turned over the reigning