sportsbetting : The Liberal Leadership Spill

With little to no major sporting events happening this weekend the whole of Australia seem to have turned their attention to the potential leadership spill within the Liberal Party. Many people feel that Prime Minister Tony Abbott was elected by default after the back stabbing shenanigans of Rudd and Gillard left people with no real choice. Even within his own party there was a feeling that Abbott wasn’t the right man to lead the country, but with Labour committing political suicide and the man in the red budgie smugglers doing little wrong they had to bide their time and wait for him to fall on his face so that they can choose their new head honcho.

I for one am not really sure what it is that Tony Abbott has done so drastically wrong but it seems his buds have spotted that the time is now to give him the boot. A challenge for the leadership is predicted for Tuesday but the man himself is trying his best to make sure that won’t happen. Only today he stepped out and insisted that any frontbenchers that oppose his leadership this week should do the honourable thing and resign when the motion fails to pass.

“I believe that my colleagues will act honourably,” he said.

“I believe all of my frontbench and Cabinet colleagues will observe the appropriate conventions as they should.”

Employment Minister Eric Abetz also backed the boss by urging the disloyal to step down.

“At the end of the day, that is up to each individual conscience given that it is a secret ballot, but one would assume that if one is willing to serve in the Ministry that one is loyal to that Ministry and supports it,” he said.

“If they don’t feel that loyalty, they should be resigning.”

Mr Abbott is even talking about employing his very own knife in the back tactics by offering his main contender, Malcolm Turnbull, the job of treasurer, which would mean his long standing friend Joe Hockey would be kicked to the curb.

But will these scare tactics work. I don’t think so. There has simply been far too much smoke for there not to be a fire. So if you fancy a punt on who will be the next none elected Prime Minister will be then lets have a look where you should place you’re freebet courtesy of sportsbetting.

The most obvious bet is will the spill motion be passed or not? You can get odds of $1.75 if you think that Mr Abbott will survive or $2.00 if you think his goose is cooked. I think that those odds represent the fact that no one really knows what the outcome will be. It’s a flip of a coin and your money could be better used elsewhere. According to his own MPs it seems that there is one certainty that will happen this week. Malcolm Turnbull WILL challenge Abbott for the party leadership.

“He will stand as a contender if a spill is successful,” one MP told News Corp of Malcolm Turnbull.

“Malcolm will contest the leadership if there is allowance for a spill,” another said.

“My gut feeling is that he will,” another MP said.

With this in mind it makes perfect sense to use your $250 free bet from sportsbetting on an Abbott, Turnbull race. It is only paying $2.00 but doubling your money is never a bad thing and will give you a good buffer for when the Cricket World Cup kicks in next week.

Other Notable Bets:

Turnbull to go in unopposed $3.25

Abbott to survive unopposed $5.00

Anything else is just a waste.


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