Super Bowl XLIX

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It’s Super Bowl time. American Football’s finale is fast becoming one of the worlds biggest sporting occasions. Even people that don’t watch a single regular season game are attending Super Bowl parties and there is no doubt that a stack of money will be bet on which side can score the most points with the inflated pig skin.

But if you are looking for help from the bookies about where to place your free bet courtesy of sportsbetting it seems that even they can’t pick a winner with both the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots paying $1.92 for the win.

I have to admit I am no NFL expert but the first thing I look for when betting on a match is, do I know the starting Quarter Back? New England QB Tom Brady is widely regarded as legend with in the game and his name has drifted so far around the world that even my eight year old soccer mad son knows what sport he plays.

Tom Brady is a winner all day.

Tom Brady is a winner all day.

After assessing the man that runs the offence I then go to how they handle their running game and according to it’s once again the New England Patriots that come out on top in this area.

“When we think of a Tom Brady-led offence, we don’t usually think about a power running game. The Patriots rushed for 100-plus yards six times this season, going 5-1 in those games. Their only loss came against the Buffalo Bills in Week 17, when most of the Patriots starters were on the bench. While the Patriots seem to have an advantage over the Seahawks in the passing game, their rushing attack could be the key to a Super Bowl victory.”

I know there is a lot more to the sport than which team has the best offence but if you have the proven ability to score more points than the other team then you are certainly in with a shot. So with that in mind my money is on the New England Patriots to win.

Other Notable Bets:

2 or 3 touch downs to be scored in the match $6.40

Tom Brady to get over 260.5 passing yard $1.87

Russell Wilson to score a Touch Down $2.40

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