Leon Cameron Favourite To Be Top Dog

Bulldogs’ favourite son Leon Cameron is the clear favourite with online bookmaker sportsbetting.com.au to be the next senior coach of the Western Bulldogs.
Cameron is priced at just $2.50, ahead of Collingwood’s Mick Malthouse at $6.00, with Dean Laidley and Paul Williams next in the market at $8.00 each.
“From all reports Leon Cameron has impressed in assistant coaching stints at both the Bulldogs and Hawks and is a senior coach in waiting,” sportsbetting’s Haydn Lane said.
“While Cameron seems the obvious choice, there’s certainly something romantic about Mick Malthouse heading back to the Whitten Oval and there’s no doubt he’ll be high on the Bulldogs’ wish list.”

Eade’s departure has caused a shake up of the Melbourne and Adelaide next coach betting markets, so much so that Eade is now the outright favourite to lead the Demons in 2012.
Eade is priced at $3.00 to be the next senior coach of the Dees, and is the $3.50 second favourite behind caretaker coach Mark Bickley at $2.50 to lead the Crows next year.
“We don’t believe ‘Rocket’ will be lost to football and now that he’s officially free next year he’s our clear favourite to take the reins at the Dees,” Lane said.
“Mark Bickley has made a good fist of his caretaker role so far but Eade will now have to come under serious consideration for the Crows role too.”

Markets courtesy of sportsbetting
2012 Western Bulldogs Senior Coach
$2.50 Leon Cameron
$6.00 Mick Malthouse
$8.00 Dean Laidley, Paul Williams
$10 Mark Williams
$12 Mark Neeld, Brett Montgomery, Peter German
$14 Chris Grant
$17 Scott West, Dean Wallis
$21 Luke Darcy, Paul Roos, Ken Hinkley, Brenton Sanderson
$26 Peter Dean, Alan Richardson
$34 John Barnes, Brian Royal
$41 Barry Hall, Doug Hawkins

2012 Melbourne Senior Coach
$3.00 Rodney Eade              (in from $5.00)
$5.00 Mark Williams
$7.00 Mick Malthouse          (out from $5.00)
$9.00 Dean Laidley
$12 Todd Viney
$14 Mark Neeld
$16 Gavin Brown
$21 Brenton Sanderson, Scott Burns
$26 Alastair Clarkson, Paul Roos
$34 David Neitz, Ken Hinkley, Brendan McCartney
$41 Alan Richardson, Scott West, Garry Lyon, Brian Royal, Josh Mahoney, Leigh Matthews, Chris Connolly, Murray Davis, Neil Craig, Dean Wallis, Adam Simpson

2012 Adelaide Senior Coach
$2.50 Mark Bickley              (out from $2.30)
$3.50 Rodney Eade               (in from $5.00)
$7.00 Scott Burns, Simon Goodwin
$8.00 Brenton Sanderson
$10 Mark Neeld
$14 Alastair Clarkson
$21 Alan Richardson, Shaun Rehn, Paul Roos
$26 Nathan Bassett, Ken Hinkley
$41 Sean Wellman, Brett Montgomery, Andrew McLeod, Stewart Dew, Leigh Matthews, Dean Wallis, Peter Sumich, Ben Hart, Mark Ricciuto, Craig Bradley, Mick Malthouse, Scott Camporeale, Nigel Smart, Leon Cameron

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