Punters Say Queen Will Wear a Yellow Hat To Royal Wedding!

Australian punters have predicted the Queen will wear a yellow hat to Royal Wedding, in just one of a variety of novelty markets available with online bookmaker sportsbetting.
“We’ve taken literally thousands of bets on the Royal Wedding, with the vast majority between $1 to $10 from punters looking to have an extra interest in the telecast,” sportsbetting’s Haydn Lane said.
Below is a brief description of the markets, with a quote from sportsbetting’s Haydn Lane under each.

Colour of Queen’s Hat
“Pastels have been popular with punters for the colour of the Queen’s hat, however, yellow is the clear favourite and has firmed from $7 into just $2.75. Grey has been unwanted and has drifted from $6 out to $26.”

Length of Kate’s train

“A train of 2.01 metres to 5 metres has been backed off the map from $2.25 to $1.33. This option has attracted the biggest bet to date with sportsbetting on the Royal Wedding – $2000 at odds of $1.91.”

Colour of Kate’s dress

“Ivory has been the hot favourite since betting opened with just $1.67 on offer.”

Year of first child?
“2012 has been easily the best-backed year for the couple’s first child at $2.25 from punters who think William and Kate won’t waste too much time!”

Name of first child?

“In a wide open market, the best-backed baby names to date have been ‘Diana’ at $9 for a girl and ‘George’ and ‘Henry’ for a boy at $11 each. Not surprisingly, we’ve taken no bets on ‘Fergie’ at $251!”

Rain on the wedding day
Yes      $2.50 into $1.30
No        $1.50 out to $3.20

“The weather forecast was looking great until a few days ago. It now appears there’s a good chance of rain on the day.”

Will Kate use the word ‘obey’ in her vows (market closed)
“$2 was on offer on Kate not using the word ‘obey’ in her vows. We then took a string of bets in quick succession on this option shortly after it was announced that Kate would not say ‘obey’ from punters who heard the announcement before we did!”

sportsbetting Tip of the Royal Wedding

Stick with what you know. It is very likely to rain on the wedding day so $1.30 isn’t bad odds. Better than interest in the bank! See the latest odds for this market here.

Place your Royal Wedding bets at sportsbetting here or see all the latest odds below
Markets courtesy of sportsbetting
Colour of Queen’s Hat
$2.75   Yellow (in from $7.00)
$5.00   Light Blue
$6.00   Pink
$7.00   Purple, Apricot
$9.00   Green
$10      White
$12      Dark Blue
$15      Brown
$17      Orange
$19      Gold
$21      Red
$26      Grey
$34      Black

Length of Kate’s Train
$1.33   2.01 to 5 metres (in from $2.25)
$3.75   2 metres or less
$5.50   5.01 to 8 metres
$10      More than 8 metres

What colour will Kate’s Wedding Dress be?
$1.67   Ivory
$3.50   White
$4.50   Champagne
$5.00   Cream
$17      Pearl, Vanilla
$19      Almond
$26      Grey
$34      Gold, Lilac, Silver
$41      Ecru, Egg Shell, Powder Blue
Others Quoted

Rain on the wedding day?

$1.30   Yes (in from $2.50)
$3.20   No (out from $1.50)

What titles will the couple take?

$1.57   Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
$5.50   Duke & Duchess of Sussex
$9.00   Duke & Duchess of Connaught
$13      Duke & Duchess of Kendal
$15      Duke & Duchess of Windsor
$15      Prince & Princess William

Sex of first child

$1.83   Male, Female

Year of first child
$2.25   2012
$2.50   2013
$5.50   2016 or later
$6.00   2014
$7.00   2015

Name of first child
$6.00   Frances
$7.00   John
$9.00   Diana
$11      Spencer, Anne, Charles, Henry, George
$13      Sarah, Phillip
$15      Richard
$17      Elizabeth, Edward, William, Carol, Mary, David
$21      Marie, James, Catherine/Kate, Caroline, Victoria, Andrew
$26      Phillippa, Louis, Alexander, Arthur
$34      Jane, Sophia, Frederick, Oliver, Albert
$41      Fiona, Christian, Patrick
$51      Janet, Georgiana
$67      Camilla
$81      Chelsea
$101    Bryan, Wallis
$251    Fergie

Next Monarch
$1.83   Prince Charles, Prince William
$9.00   Prince Harry
$51      Any other

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