Sportsbet to Fight the NSW State Government Ban on Sportsbet’s Betbox

Leading online bookmaker Sportsbet gives notice that it will fight the NSW State Government’s recent attempt to ban Sportsbet’s Betbox.
The Betbox is a touch screen computer which provides access to Sportsbet’s wagering services across the internet.  Sportsbet operates under the jurisdiction of the Northern Territory Government and the website Sportsbet is regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission (“NTRC”) which has approved the Betbox.

The recent introduction of amendments to the Unlawful Gambling Act 1998 (NSW), which is about to become law, is designed to prevent and hotels in NSW from operating a Betbox from retail venues in the State of NSW.  The new law was rushed through Parliament without any consultation with Sportsbet, and to our knowledge, the hotel industry in NSW.

In May this year, the NSW State Government advised Sportsbet that the operation of the Betbox would not be regarded as contravening NSW gaming and wagering laws.

As a result of this assurance from the NSW Government, Sportsbet has installed a number of Betbox units in licensed premises throughout NSW.

Sportsbet views the action by the NSW State Government to prohibit the operation of the Betbox in NSW is a clear case of discriminatory protectionism, preventing free trade and commerce between the states and territories of Australia, and  is designed solely to protect the NSW TAB from interstate competition.

Sportsbet intends to vigorously challenge the validity of this new legislation once it becomes law and will be requesting that the NSW State Government not enforce the provisions of the amended Act whilst the legality of the law is under legal challenge.

Sportsbet will also give users up to a $200 free bet that can be used on the Sportsbet Betbox, click here to find out more info on the Sportsbet free bet offer.

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