Will The Election Winner Serve Their Full Term?

Punters with leading online bookmaker sportsbetting believe that should Labor win tomorrow’s federal election, they will have a new leader by the time Australia next goes to the polls.

However, it’s a different story with the Coalition, with Tony Abbott favoured to keep the top job for at least a full term should the Coalition win tomorrow.

“Should Labor win the election, on the whole punters don’t think Julia Gillard will be at the helm in three years time,” said sportsbetting’s Haydn Lane.
“On the other hand, if the Coalition win, Tony Abbott will be the savior and it’s hard to see his position coming under serious threat.”
In overall election betting, Labor continues to drift on the back of strong recent support for the Coalition. Labor is now out to $1.35, with the Coalition at $3.15.
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IF Labor win the election, will Julia Gillard be Labor leader at the 2013 federal election?
$1.47 No
$2.50 Yes
(Bets refunded if Labor lose the 2010 Federal Election)

IF the Coalition win the election, will Tony Abbott be Coalition leader at the 2013 federal election?
$1.25 Yes
$3.55 No
(Bets refunded if the Coalition lose the 2010 Federal Election)

2010 Federal Election – Winning Party
$1.35 Labor (out from $1.24 on Tuesday 17 August)
$3.15 Coalition (in from $4.00 on Tuesday 17 August)

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