Australian Domestic Cricket – 2009/10 Season Preview

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Now everybody loves the smell of freshly mown grass, the sound produced as leather hits willow and the thrill of being in a crowd as everyone screams HOWZAT! The 2009/10 Australian domestic cricket season is set to begin this Sunday as Western Australia and Queensland meet at the WACA in the opening game of the Ford Ranger Cup.

With spring time now well upon us, everyday people from all around Australia will be shifting their attention from the AFL over to the domestic cricket season.

As far as sports betting goes, the odds at Betfair are currently suggesting that Victoria is the team most likely to take home the Ford Ranger cup. New South Wales is currently being tipped as the team likely to be second while the odds for Western Australia suggest that are most likely going to be the third-placed team this season. South Australia and Queensland are not expected to put up much of a challenge for the Ford Ranger Cup.

Western Australia and Queensland will meet for a second time a couple of days later on Tuesday the 13th for their opening game of the 2009/10 Sheffield Shield season. This match will also be played at the WACA. On the same day the South Australia Redbacks will also play host to the Tasmania Tigers as they also make a start to their first class cricket season at Adelaide Oval.

Tasmania and Victoria are the strong favourites to win this season’s Sheffield Shield and you can find great odds for either side at Betfair. The New South Wales Blues are currently tipped to take third place in the Sheffield Shield, but I have my doubts on this as many of their players will be on the international tour. Once again South Australia and Queensland are considered unlikely to challenge for the title.

Players to Watch

This season there will be quite a few players to watch as some of state teams will be playing a few overseas international stars.

Ajantha Mendis, a 24 year old international for Sri Lanka will be playing for the Redbacks this season which will hopefully give them a bit of extra talent.

Dwayne Bravo and Muttiah Muralitharan will both be playing for the Bushrangers and I would expect that both of these international stars perform at their best to help the Bushrangers go one step better than last season.

West Indian powerhouse Chris Gayle will also be featuring in the Australian domestic cricket season when he takes to the crease for Western Australia.

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