Formula One – Italian Grand Prix – Monza

All eyes are on Giancarlo Fisichella this weekend, an Italian driver in an Italian car on an Italian track. With Ferrari confirming that Fisichella will be finishing the season with the prancing horse is great news for the aging driver as he nears the end of his career after 226 Grand Prix starts. The Monza circuit is well suited to KERS equipped cars and Ferrari rarely performs badly at home.

In fact, the Ferrari team is looking like they may perform quite well this weekend after Kimi Raikkonen finished first in Belgium and Fisichella was able to take his Force India car to second. However, there is much debate over how Fisichella will perform with the first practice session to be his first drive in the F60.

This weekend will mark the sixtieth running of the Italian Grand Prix. The track at Monza is comprised mostly of long straights which are linked by chicanes and will be the perfect setting for those cars equipped with KERS. Around 75% of the track is spent at full throttle and any reliability issues could become a serious problem.

It is a serious possibility that the Renault team can get their cars up near the front as they are dusting of their KERS system for this weekend’s grand prix. Fernando Alonso was able to achieve a pole position in Hungary and even made a challenge for the podium in Belgium. Renault could be a serious contender for the Italian GP.

With Giancarlo Fisichella’s move to Ferrari, the championship battle has been moved out of the spotlight. The battle between Brawn GP and Red Bull is still there, but it is likely that it will be a feature on the middle order on Sunday.

Championship leader, Jenson Button will be enjoying the fact that it is unlikely that his championship rivals will take many points from him here at Monza. However, if he does not produce results himself, it is a possibility that he will have the championship lead taken from him in the coming weeks.

Even if Fisichella hadn’t moved to Ferrari, he would more than likely still be drawing all the attention. After taking pole position in his Force India car at Spa, and then finishing second, he will be expected to repeat this form.

Force India may have another chance to take a win at Monza as their car is well suited to the track. It has now been proven that with a low down-force set-up, the Force India car is dynamite and Monza requires lower down-force than that of Spa. The team has a great chance to be the fastest of the non-KERS cars in Italy.

Betfair has some great odds for this weekend’s grand prix and I would recommend Kimi Raikkonen for a first place finish, paying $6. Another sound bet would be for Giancarlo Fisichella to finish on the podium with odds of $4.80.

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