Liverpool FC Going Broke

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As a Liverpool fan I was very excited to read about the plans of coach Rael Benitez for next season. Players like Carlos Tevez, David Silva and Glenn Johnson have all been talked about to build on their best ever Premier League performance last season. Liverpool finished 4 points behind Champions Manchester Utd and only have two disappointing 0-0 draws with Hull to blame for not taking out their first title in 18 years.

But with the recent news that the American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillet are looking to re finance their own debts back in to Liverpool that will plunge the iconic club $500 million in to the red has left me and thousands of fans all around the world absoloutely devistated.

There has been alot of interest from Dubai International to buy the reds, but Hicks and Gillet are determined to push forward with their re financing plan that could see Liverpool having to come up with annual interest payments of around $60 million.

The plan will not only put a dent in the clubs plans to build on this years success, but may even mean an exodus of players as the clubs financiers look to balance the books, with Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres being top of the list to go. The situation could end up being similar that of Leeds Utd where debts forced them to sell off players and even saw them drop out of the Premier League, the club is still recovering.

The two owners say that the club is not for sale at any price and that they have the clubs best interests at heart. But ever since they took over, Liverpool has been run more like a circus show than a successful soccer team and has become the laughing stock of English football, with Gillet and Hicks being compaired with former Aston Villa chairman Doug Ellis and current Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has the most hated men in football.

They have used Liverpool as means to clear their own personal debts and if they have any heart or any respect for the people who spend $100 every week to watch the team they love they will sell up and let Liverpool get on with re building.

Liverpool are now at $3.75 to win the Premiership title in 2010 but expect those odds to lengthen if the sales to balance debts go ahead. Get your free bet at

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