What is bet hedging and is it a good betting strategy?

hedgeThere are plenty of betting strategies around but hedge betting is the only and a great way to guarantee a winning outcome from a bet. Basically bet hedging is used as insurance on another bet, but there are only certain times where hedging can be properly used.

Scenario 1.

You place a $10 five team multi bet on the AFL which will pay a profit of $100 if all five teams win. Your bet is going really well and the first four teams win. The fifth and last game, lets say St Kilda Vs Geelong are playing in few hours and you need Geelong to win for the multi bet to pay. This is where you have the opportunity to hedge your bet.

Instead of crossing you fingers and hoping that Geelong wins you can put $50 on St Kilda to win at $2.00 which obviously if they won would pay $100, a profit of $50.

Now you have given yourself two outcomes that both would give you a decent return on your initial $10 bet.

If Geelong wins, great! You win your multi bet and collect $100 minus the $50 you bet on St Kilda to win you still profit $50.

If St Kilda happens to win, its still great! You do lose your five leg multi bet but profit $50 on your second bet for St Kilda to win, minus your $10 multi bet at the start of the day you still profit $40

Scenario 2.

At the start of the year you put $100 on Essendon to win the Premiership at the end of the year, which would pay $1000, a $900 profit.

Essendon have a great year and make it to the Grand Final along with Hawthorn. Essendon are one step away from winning the premiership and your one step from profiting $900.

Instead of hoping Essendon wins the Grand Final you put a $500 bet on Hawthorn to win at  $1.90 which would give you a profit of $450

With this scenario you have guaranteed a tidy profit on your initial $100 bet no matter what the result of the game is.

If Essendon wins then you win your bet from the start of the year and profit $900 minus your $500 second bet on Hawthorn which brings you in a nice profit of $400.

If Hawthorn wins, you still win and profit $450 minus the $100 bet from the start of the year for a $350 profit.

Is hedge betting a good strategy?

Sure, but it depends on the amount of risk you wish to take. Looking at the first scenario if you didn’t hedge the bet and Geelong did win you would have made a profit of $90, but they lose you go home with your tail between your legs and wonder what could have been.

My advice, take a close look at the game and if there is any doubt on a winning result, hedge it. Even if you only hedge half the amount you still guarantee a happy ending either way.

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  1. Nice artcile. Personally I like hedging bets because I hate it when you back something at long odds and they fall short right at the end.

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