Rebuilding Needed at Manchester Utd

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It may be hard to comprehend that a team that has just won its 18th league and 3rd in 3 years needs to do any sort of rebuilding, but with Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez on their way out of Old Trafford there is definitely going to be a lack of creative talent in the squad.

There are two games from this season that really stand out to me as showing up the cracks in the Manchester Utd Armour, the 4-1 defeat at home to Liverpool and the recent Champions League defeat to Barcelona. Both times Ronaldo failed to show up and both times the Manchester Utd midfield was out classed. The likes of Carrick and Park Ji Sung just aren’t good enough and unless Alex Ferguson has some big signings up his sleeve Utd will struggle next season.

I can see all the Utd fans jumping up and and down chucking stuff at their computers as they read this saying “what about Giggs, Scholes, Rooney and Berbatov”. Giggs had a great season there is no doubt about that, he didn’t win the PFA Player of the year for nothing. But he is 36 now and there is now way he can keep it up for much longer.

Scholes is 35 and as far as I am concerned he hasn’t been the at his best for a few years now. Berbatov is already whinging about the rotation system and hasn’t been the success that many people expected. Sowing flashes of brilliance one moment and then damn right laziness the next.

Then there is Rooney. Only a few years ago he was seen as the saviour of English football, skillful, strong, ran at defenders with pace and most importantly he scored goals. He still gets his fair share, don’t get me wrong 12 premiership goals is not to be sniffed at, but it is up there with the likes of Frank Lampard (who gets his goals from midfield), Kevin Davies and Dirk Kuyt and can hardly be seen as prolific, and  we rarely see the rest of his dynamic game that made him such a devastating young talent at Everton. People will say “he is a better all round player now with a greater understanding of the game”. But it is sad to see a player that as such a natural abilty to go forward and cause problems sitting out on the left of midfield, being forced to do his turn defending.

There is a concesus among Manchester Utd fans that the young talent at the club will see them through next season and that they have a similar squad of youngsters as Arsenal, but I just don’t see it. There isn’t a Cesc Fabregas or Theo Walcott coming through, not one that looks like they will be the next superstar to come off the Utd production line.

The only plus point for Manchester Utd is that they undoubtedly have the best coach in world football in Alex Ferguson, who has built a number of successful squads over his 26 years in charge. It is because of this that betfair have them as $2.62 favourites to win their fourth straight title. But can he really do it one last time?

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